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Vice President: Pat Moore pmoo3509@bigpond.net.au
Secretary: Kate Burbeck kate.burbeck@gmail.com
Treasurer/Public Officer: Pauline Tauschke tauschkepauline@hotmail.com
National Board member: Jonathan Howard jonathan.howard@education.nt.gov.au

In addition to these executive members, a number of members are co-opted to coordinate special events or to assist on sub committees. Please contact one of the executive if you would like to be actively involved.


The CBCA NT Branch is thrilled to honour outgoing Secretary Celia Otley with the Lifetime Membership Award in recognition of her invaluable contribution to the organisation over the last 30 years, and commitment to improving children’s literacy across the Territory.

Celia has been involved with our branch since its inception in the early 1990s. She first became Secretary in 1996 after returning to Darwin from Canada, where she completed a teaching exchange.

Without Celia there wouldn’t be a CBCA branch in the NT. She’s ensured that the branch has functioned smoothly and effectively with her wise, calm, and practical presence.

She’s an iconic figure in the world of children’s literature in the Territory. As a teacher librarian she introduced thousands of children and many, many staff to the wonderful world of books. During her time as a school library advisor with Library Services she provided amazing support to both urban and remote schools.

Along with Ruth Jones (CBCA NT Branch President at the time) Celia was instrumental in organising the hugely successful CLIC (Children’s Literature In the Centre) Festival. Authors and illustrators still talk about their unforgettable experiences at CLIC.

Her fundraising efforts are legendary. In 2018, Celia was named Centralian Senior Citizen of the Year in recognition of her work purchasing books for children and supporting junior golfers, funded by collecting bottles and cans across Alice Springs for recycling.

Join us as we send Celia our very best wishes for all that comes next, which we suspect may involve a game or two of golf and a glass of ‘Shaw n Smith’ Sav Blanc.

Portrait of Celia, Chalk pastel on paper, with thanks to MattgraNTart